its an electronic device where you can store your bitcoin or other digital currencies. You can purchase via online using your digital wallets
as long as you have funds available

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TREZOR Hardware Wallet Delivered

I got my TREZOR Hardware Wallet delivered… I’m really excited to open it and review it. I was nervous, once I used it though it was pretty sweet, I will have my review footage...

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Jaxx Digital Wallet

Jaxx Digital Software Wallet  Jaxx is a popular Cryptocurrency Wallet Management Application. Jaxx gained popularity by being cross-platform and multi-cryptocurrency. Cross-platform meaning you can download install and run a Jaxx app on your Mac,...

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The KeepKey Hardware Wallet

Due to the nature of Bitcoins being digital, you need to have a digital wallet. Be smart and confident with your cryptocurrency and find one that meets your needs. Hardware wallets have become the...