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Diagram illustrating incentivized cloud computing.

MiningCloud? Cloud Coin? You what mate?

Incentivized Cloud Computing We are all familiar with Cloud Computing, at its core, how anonymous instances of compute that a volatile can be spun up and provisioned with access to the end user of...

Captcha On the Blockchain Idea 1

CAPTCHAs on the Blockchain. Cool Right.

CAPTCHA as a step in any Smart Contract Pipeline Hey guys, What do you think? What it would take to get API set/SDK library for Smart Contract CAPTCHAs, where a CAPTCHA would be part...

HashFair Announcement 1

HashFlair Announcement: Prices Start to Melt

Hey guys, check it out, Go to and get some cloud mining compute hashrate at 10% off, Don’t be scared, even try with $20 and see what your returns look like πŸ˜› Go...